Salty Captain

Salty Captain started with a simple need. Ben, our founder, was a Gold Coast local with a love for the ocean. His days were filled with fishing and jetskiing, but he always faced a problem. Cleaning his gear after a day out was a hassle. One day, he tried using a car wash foam cannon on his jetski and it worked brilliantly.

Seeing the potential, Ben launched Salty Captain to make vehicle care easier for everyone who shared his love for the water. The products were a hit. From just a few items, we’ve grown into a range that’s now stocked by the biggest outdoor retailers across Australia.

As we’ve expanded, we’ve stayed focused on what works. Our range now includes over a hundred SKUs, not just for watercraft but also for cars and 4WDs. We’ve kept growing, now reaching customers in the United States with a dedicated team handling manufacturing and distribution.
Our growth comes down to our team’s hard work and commitment. We’re a mix of professionals who share a vision and understand the needs of our customers.

As Salty Captain continues to evolve, our commitment to quality and our customers remains as strong as ever. We’re not just another vehicle care brand; we’re a solution born from the sea, for the sea, and for every adventurer who loves it as much as we do.

So, that’s our story. From a jetski and a foam cannon to the fastest-growing vehicle care brand in Australia, we’re here to make sure the fun doesn’t stop when the boat docks. Welcome to Salty Captain.