Underbody Protection

Why do you need bash plates?

Underbody Protection or “Bash Plates” are an essential part of every 4×4 set up. They are designed to protect the underside of the vehicle from any objects that could cause damage. Most vehicles come with a standard protection set up usually only 1.5mm thick or even made from plastic. 

Custom Offroad

Custom Offroad have become one of the most trusted producers in underbody protection, building a reputation on supplying quality. All of their Bash Plates are Australian made for Australian conditions. Don’t let underbody protection be a “should have” item. Get protected before you go on your next adventure.

Custom Offroad Bash Plates are minimum of 3mm thick. Their plates are designed to take hit after hit so your vehicle will make it through your 4×4 adventure. Be prepared; bash your plates and not the vulnerable areas of your 4WD.