Side Steps And Rails

MCC Steel Side Step & Rails

The best of best, our heavy duty side step combined with precisely engineered ADR complaint side rail. Comfortably hit any track you can think of knowing your car is protected. Provide the practically of the step you need for your beloved 4WD. With double row tubing protection for the underneath of your sills, and extra Side Rail Protection, there is no better way around it.
Colour coding is available from 4×4 Customs.

MCC Steel Side Steps

The best of both worlds, MCC’s ultra strong, yet convenient side step is designed to get the most out of your 4WD. Double row tubing protection for the underneath of your sills, and with Non-Slip Step Plate for added safety. Available in both Black and Silver Checker Step Plate.
Colour coding is available from 4×4 Customs.

Phat Bars Rock Sliders

Designed to hug the Vehicle Sill Panel for maximum clearance and built for maximum protection. Phat Bars flat rock sliders are made from 50mm square tube, 4mm thick and 50mm round Tube, 3.2mm thick. Chassis mounts are made using 5mm laser cut and CNC folded plate wrapping the chassis.
Cross member mounts are 8mm laser cut plate.

Colour coding is available from 4×4 Customs.

Clearview Power Boards

Trouble getting in and out of your vehicle? Revolutionise your travel experience with Clearview® Power Boards. If your vehicle is built for off-road and has been lifted for clearance, stepping in and out of the vehicle can take more effort! Clearview® Power Boards provide a safe stepping surface without sacrificing all-important clearance!

These retractable side steps provide an easy and safe way to step in and out of your vehicle. Clearview® Power Boards are fitted under the vehicle, running along the length of the vehicle between the wheel arches on both the driver and passenger sides.

Clearview® Power Boards are triggered by the vehicle’s door sensor. When the door opens, the Power Board is activated and automatically lowers up to 300mm (depending on model) to a convenient stepping height. When the door closes, the Power Board will automatically retract back to the body of the vehicle.The inbuilt safety feature activates if any resistance is felt on the step resulting in the step holding its position. Opening and closing the door again will deactivate the Power Board’s safety stop.

With 300kg load capacity, safety cut off feature and IP68 rating on the motors, accessing your vehicle is as easy as one step up.