Method Race Wheels

Who are Method Race Wheels?

Race proven for everyday use is the philosophy for Method Race wheels.

Performance enhancing features are a key design consideration of Method wheels. Optimized weight distribution of structural material can make the wheel stronger and lighter. Product development through analysis of race activities results in significant design evolutions. Reduction of wheel weight by removing all unnecessary material to minimize rotational inertia for maximum fuel efficiency or increase battery range.
Wheel spoke sides are machined to remove nonstructural material which creates an I-Beam cross section shape which strengthens the entire spoke structure while decreasing weight on select wheels.

Producing a wheel that is lighter and stronger is not just limited to the wheel’s structural design. For race applications, the outer wheel mounting plate design has been continuously refined to make in the field tire changes faster. These small tweaks can aid in faster tire changes during pit stops giving Method equipped teams another advantage over the competition.

Refined A356 aluminum with Method’s proprietary heat treatment process increases the tensile strength of the metal far beyond industry standards. This exclusive process which goes beyond the traditional T6 heat-treatment process allows the wheel to be lighter while maintaining strongest load ratings up to 4500 pounds or 2041 kilograms per wheel at a competitive price compared to forged offerings.


Combined with the industry’s best lifetime warranty, highest load ratings, genuine hardware, award winning customer service and huge variety of customisable accessories — our high performance wheels are driven by the highest standards possible.

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